Tuesday, April 29, 2014

One of Those Mornings

It seems lately I’ve had more than my fair share of these. I like to try and get things in fairly good shape the night before so the next morning runs smoothly. Unfortunately that hasn’t been happening and today was a good example of it.

I’ll start off by saying part of the reason for this is I haven’t been getting to bed at a reasonable hour. That means I wake tired which is never a fun thing. My sleep is also being interrupted by Charlie. He likes to like my face to wake me up. He usually decides to do this around 4 in the morning. He will continue the licking attack for about ten minutes and stop. But he’s back in half an hour or so going at it again. Not the funest way to wake from a sound sleep.

This morning Charlie was at it again. When the alarm finally went off at 5, I was just not ready to get up. I hit snooze more than a couple of times. Finally I got my butt out of bed. I of course was behind. I tried to make up for the lost time but the faster I tried to do things the further behind I got.

There were the usual fun things to get right. Like finding two socks that matched. This is of course my fault. I have a couple weeks of clean laundry that I need to sort through and I have failed to do so. It means most of the socks in the sock draw are not matched. A great way to waste a whole lot of time.

With socks matched, I continued trying to get ready this morning. I needed to pay a couple of bills which I was going to do the night before but forgot. I sorted through the ones were close to being due and paid those. It of course took a little time to find the check book because I can never seem to leave it in the same place. Or more accurately remember where the hell I put it.

I stopped to do a couple of “quick” things on the computer which of course were anything but quick. I’d bought a couple of new albums and wanted to put them on my iPod. At any other time the iPod is updated in no time at all. But of course not this morning. For some reason (one that I have yet to figure out) the iPod just hung there. Says it was updating but wasn’t doing anything. More time wasted. Finally it updates.

I’m now very close to the end of my window for leaving the house and getting to work on time. I manage to just make it out in time. But I forget my iPod. I have to go back into the house and quickly grab it before the alarm becomes fully activated. The front door locks which have worked fine the last few days become finicky this morning. I’m going to chalk it up to the weather. I’m able get in and out of the house before the alarm is armed. (This has become a reoccurring theme in my mornings forgetting something. Sometimes I remember it right after I get out of the house and am able to dash back in and get it. Other times I’m a block or so away. Have to get back into the house. Deactivate the alarm. Find what I forgot and then reactivate the alarm.)

And I’m off to the Metro. I figure once I get there everything will start running smoothly. I only have to wait a couple of minutes for a train. I get on figuring I’m all set. Not exactly. At the next six or seven stops the train is held for a schedule adjustment.

I decide I'll stop off and get a chocolate muffin at a place right by the Bethesda Metro. They have really good muffins. I figure it's a nice way to make all the morning stuff wash away.

I get to the place and there is a sign on the front door. It says this location is now closed.

Like I said one of those mornings.

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