Monday, March 30, 2015

More from the Kites Festival

Festival Highlights included:

  • The popular Rokkaku Battle and Hot Tricks Showdown are displays of kite flying showmanship. The Rokkaku Battle features hexagonal-shaped fighter kites commonly flown in Japan and now in many other parts of the world. In the Battle, teams of kite fliers compete to “cut” or “ground” opposing kites. The Hot Tricks Showdown is a competition in which multi-line kite fliers engage in a series of one-on-one competitions and maneuver their sport kites in amazing flight patterns during 30 seconds of music. The winners are selected by audience applause.
  • On the Competition & Demonstration Field (free registration required), experienced kite makers enter kites with the theme of “Spring Around the World,” showcasing cultural heritage, international kite traditions and international friendship.

This guy was with a group of people that attempted to get a kite in the air

More dragons

There were also kite eating trees present as well. Charlie Brown would understand this.

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