Wednesday, March 04, 2015

My Thigh Deletes Apps on My Phone

Yes as strange as that sounds that's exactly what's been happening.

I’d noticed in the past few weeks that apps on the main screen of my phone were getting deleted somehow. I’ve had to download the Webster dictionary twice. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how this was happening. But it started to get annoying. Of course with an app being deleted all the other apps rearranged themselves on the screen so it was hard to find things sometimes.

Then the other day it became clear why it was happening. I’d pulled my phone out of my pocket. I noticed all the icons on the first screen on my phone were bouncing around with the X up in the corner which allows you to delete them. I quickly got all the little apps to stop bouncing.

A thought occurred to me on how my apps were disappearing. I put the phone back in my pocket with the screen facing toward my thigh. I walked a few steps and pulled the phone out of my pocket. Sure enough all the apps for the icons were bouncing again.

Somehow my thigh activated the apps when I was walking. Once that happened as I continued to walk the phone rubbed against my thigh and that caused an app to get deleted. The dictionary is the app that's been deleted more than the others. Not sure what to make out of that.

This usually happens when I wear dress pants for work. I've never had it happen when wearing jeans. To prevent this from happening I now have to wait until the phone goes to sleep. Then it is safe to put it in my pocket.


Arthur Schenck said...

If you put a passcode on your phone (in Settings), the phone can't be activated without entering the code. On the downside, you also can't use the phone for anything other than the camera and emergency calls unless you enter the passcode you chose (so it better be one you can remember!!!!).

Starting with iPhone 5s (but not 5c), you can set it up to unlock with your fingerprint, which is much easier.

Jason in DC said...

I have a pass code on the phone. This happens in the time frame for the phone to auto-lock which I've set for a minute.

Arthur Schenck said...

Oh. Well, in that case, put it to sleep before you put it in your pocket (that's what I do).