Friday, March 27, 2015

My LA Fitness Takes a Break for Renovations

I have to say that I haven’t been a real big fan of LA Fitness since they bought out Results last year. The training staff disappeared. (I still have 15 or so training sessions left. I need to find out if they ever expire. And then figure out when to use them up.) The promised lower monthly fee never happened. Most of the classes have disappeared. They can’t even seem to keep enough coat hangers around to use. I got so tired of not having hangers to use that I went out to the dollar store and bought some and brought them in. The problem with showers not working. Not enough towels. On and on.

But I think this one really does take the cake.

The gym is going to be closed for renovations until April 9 at 6pm. This past Monday was the last day it was open. One would think that the best way to inform members about the gym closing for renovations would be to send out an email message to everyone. But that seems to beyond their abilities.

The way members were informed was by signs being posted around the club. From what I understand, signs were put up Thursday or Friday of last week (I wasn’t there either day and I didn’t end up going over the weekend). Seems to me, if the only way you were informing your members about being closed was by posting signs, that signs should have been posted at least a week in advance.

I found out about the closing on Monday when someone came into the spinning class I was in and said hey there closed for the next two weeks. We shook our heads. What a great way of letting people know.

It would have been interesting to have been there on Tuesday morning to see how many people showed up expecting the gym to be open. I assume more than a few people were pissed off about this. 

Then there is the bizarre time that the gym will re-open. 6pm on April 9. Why not just wait until the next day? In all likelihood they won't be opening on April 9 anyway because something will take longer to fix then planned.

On the LA Fitness website they said until the gym reopens there were two clubs in northern Virginia that members could use instead of the downtown location. At least that was on there for a couple of days it has since been taken down. But why would anyone think that clubs in northern Virginia would be convenient for people to get to. The whole idea of having the club downtown is that you are downtown and right by the Metro. You can go to the gym and then quickly get to work.

It will be interesting to see when the club re-opens and what the actual improvements are (it been promised there will be a larger cycling studio). Maybe they'll even be able to bring in some coat hangers.

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