Sunday, March 01, 2015

Wintry Weather Welcomes in March

A new month and not a big change in the weather. Yesterday was cold but sunny.

Today. Well today has been a mess. It started out with a few flakes of snow. Then a little sleet. Then it switched over to freezing rain.

Here's the overview from the Capital Weather Gang:
  • Freezing rain is falling throughout the metro region, after an earlier brief period of sleet and snow.
  • Side streets, sidewalks, driveways, bridges, ramps, overpasses and any untreated surfaces probably stay slick everywhere through the afternoon and into the evening.
  • Be very careful on main roads and interstates too, but the March sun and temperatures rising into the upper 20s mean that main roads and highways may fare at least a little better than they did last weekend as we get into the afternoon.
  • The slightly colder north and west suburbs will see the worst icing impacts, but icy roads are expected even in the city and to the south and east.
  • Temperatures creep up to near freezing by 7-10 p.m. as precipitation tapers, but icy conditions linger into the night
I met up with my friend Tom for lunch. We were going to go to open houses after that. Went to one but found out it was cancelled. We decided not to try and go any more. Stopped off for some hot chocolate and then we both headed for home.

Here are a few of my pictures of the wonderful freezing rain we got today.

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