Friday, January 01, 2016

2Political Podcast Episode 114

2Political Podcast Episode 114 is now available. You can listen to it or download it from the podcast site, You can leave comments there as well as download or listen to any episode (you can access the five most recent episodes from the list on the right side of my blog).

We decided to do a special episode that wasn’t tied to the particular time it was recorded so that we’d have something to post during the holidays. We’d hoped to have it a little bit earlier, but, hey—it IS the holidays!

So today we talk about the state of public discourse, especially as shown by the comments people leave online. Jason has some actual examples of the sorts of things we’re talking about. Arthur shares some of his own experiences with the trolling behaviour of other commentators.

Finally, there’s even a little talk about New Zealand’s flag referendum and summer holidays.

Everyone’s welcome to leave a comment (agree or disagree!).

Links for this episode:
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Arthur’s blog, podcasts and videos can be accessed here.

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