Sunday, January 24, 2016

What the Dawn Revealed

The dawn revealed a whole lot of snow. In a couple of places I've seen the storm called Snowzilla.

From the Post about what the next few days have in store:
The Washington region, battered by one of the biggest snow storms in recent memory, began a monumental dig out Sunday that is likely to continue for days and hobble the area well into the workweek.

And, in the first sign of how difficult that digging out may be, Metro said it won’t announce whether it will reopen Monday until sometime this afternoon. The system shut down completely during the storm.

“We’re still assessing things, but the effects of the storm are likely to be felt for days,” spokesman Dan Stessel said Sunday morning. Whatever rail and bus service is available Monday, if any, “will not be normal,” he said.

Morning brought the sight of mountains of plowed snow, and landscapes buried thigh-deep in white.
If there is no Metro or no service to above ground platforms, I will be staying home for the next day if not more.

I got out early and shoveled the walk. The sun was out. The shovel I have doesn't do well in getting down to the sidewalk. I thought if I shoveled some the sun would melt the rest of in and sidewalk would be revealed. And that's exactly what happened.

As for my car. Well I'm not going to worry about that until later in the week.

My car is oh so very buried in the snow.

Right now I think I'm going to leave it alone.

At this point in time if I shoveled it out, I don't know where I would put the snow.

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