Thursday, January 21, 2016

The End is Near — the Snow Storm In on Its Way

This is the meat section

This was what some of the shelves at the Giant, my local grocery store, looked like this morning. Everyone is getting ready for what we've told will be a super storm.

From the Capital Weather Gang at the Washington Post:
This is a serious and life-threatening winter storm. Preparations should begin today and be completed by Friday afternoon. Wherever you happen to be Friday evening, plan to potentially be there into Sunday or early next week.
 Panic has not set in yet. But last night there was a dusting of snow and local jurisdictions were caught flat footed the results were a disaster:
A mere dusting of two inches of fluffy snow Wednesday evening brought traffic to a standstill.  Some commuters were stuck in traffic for more than six hours, well past midnight, on major roads throughout the region.

Ineffective weather forecast communication and lack of preparation by road crews converged to cause the nightmare.
 Here's hoping tomorrow they do a little better.

The bread isle

I was surprised there were this many eggs left.

One of the dairy cases

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