Friday, January 22, 2016

The Storm Moves In

The first official measurement on the back steps. Just about 3 inches at 6:30 pm Friday.

It has started. What is forecast to be an incredible storm which will last for the next 20 hours or so has started. This from the Post:

The snow’s arrival found Washington and its suburbs as prepared as they could be after days of warnings that this was a massive storm. Despite the hyperbole used before for many storms, this one genuinely looked like it would be the storm of the young century for the region — and perhaps one that would be remembered for generations. The final forecast from the Post’s Capital Weather Gang called for 16 to 30 inches.

Here are some key points from the Capital Weather Gang:
  • This is a long-duration event, with snow forecast for 36 hours or so through Saturday night.
  • Conditions are the worst starting late this afternoon, continuing into Saturday.
  • Thunder snow is possible late tonight and Saturday. Extreme snowfall rates of two to three inches per hour are possible at the storm’s peak late Friday night and into Saturday.
  • Winds may gust to 40 mph on Saturday, causing whiteout conditions and some blowing and drifting snow. Stronger gusts to 50 mph are possible east of the District toward the bay.
  • Total snow accumulations 16-30 inches. Highest north and west of District, lowest southeast.
Right now the snow is not coming down hard. It is very steady. The wind isn't too bad yet either. But it is supposed to intensify over night. Tomorrow DC is supposed to be hit hard and wind is really supposed to pick up.

More to come.
The storm starts. This is right around 2pm on Friday

These next two pictures are from around 3pm on Friday.

Just about 6:30 pm on Friday.

Linus enjoys some of the snow I knocked off my shoes.

Getting a sense of how hard it is coming down.

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