Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Snow is Slowing Down — The Wind has Really Picked Up

The 15 inch ruler disappear into the snow.

Little if any additional accumulation in this period. The 15 inch ruler just about disappears into the snow. So the backyard has 15 plus inches. I did a little shoveling and took a walk.

There is a lot of snow out there. And the wind has really picked up.

You will notice that the snow plow was finally dug out. I'd say it took them about 2.5 to 3 hours to accomplish that.

There are a few people out. Shoveling walks. Trying to get there cars out. I don't understand that one because where exactly are you going to go. Oh and the cars that I did see out not one of them had their headlights on including official vehicles from DC.

The snow plow has been freed!

Trying to clear some sort of a path up the front stairs.

The steps down to the sidewalk. The snow went up almost to m knees.

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