Thursday, February 28, 2008

How the Republicans will attack Obama?

We got a preview of how some Republicans will be attacking Obama if he should end up being the Democratic nominee. Here's the article from the Post.

I guess the idea is to repeat Obama's middle name which happens to be Hussein and somehow make people think he is a Muslim and a terrorists. I suggest watching the video to get an idea of how rabid this Bill Cunningham, the guy who made the remarks and also introduced McCain at this rally, is. He attacks Clinton with as much gusto.

Here's a little of what he said:

Cunningham then mocked foreign policy statements of "Barack Hussein Obama," calling him the "fraud from Chicago" and saying that if Obama were to be elected president he would meet with the leaders of enemy nations. He continued by saying the "world leaders who want to kill us" will be "singing 'Kumbaya' together around the table with Barack Obama."

It's so good to see that the Karl Rove play book is up and running and it's only February.

I will say to McCain's credit he repudiated the remarks Cunningham made about both Clinton and Obama. It is just sad to me that this is the type of crap we are going to be getting for the next nine months. Hopefully this time around the American public will see for what it really is crap.


Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

I blogged about this today, too. Maybe I'm just extremely cynical after all these years of Bush/Cheney and Rove, but the McCain incident seemed a bit too convenient to me.

That radio nutjob used "Hussein" for obvious reasons, and while McCain did apologise, he did so AFTER his speech and to the media. If he thought it was so inappropriate, why didn't he apologise in front of the crowd. The mildly cynical might say he wanted to avoid a fight with hard core conservatives, with whom he has real problems.

But I see something more Rove-like, that he got to have Obama smeared AND got to look like a "good guy" for apologising, all without actually directly confronting the nutjob nor challenging his audience to rise above Rove's sleaze.

The folks who introduce candidates are vetted to avoid embarrassing incidents, so I'm betting it was all a deliberate act. After all, it's what Rove would have done.

Jason in DC said...

Well in a couple of the news accounts that I saw if sounded like McCain was off stage and did not hear what the guy said.

I know that sometimes the candidate whomever he or she is arrives just minutes before they are introduced and are not in the hall when the warm up acts are there.