Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Personal Training Day

If it's Tuesday, besides there being another primary somewhere, it also means another session with my personal trainer. Today we did boxing. I must admit a rather unusual session but one that gave me a very good work out. At the end of of it my arms were very tired, I'd gotten a good aerobic workout and I knew how to box if just a little.

It was fun. Considering how the rest of the day went it was nice to have a bright spot for part of the day.

I think I'm making fairly good progress. I think the trainer is very good. We never do the same set of exercises twice in a row which is very good. It does mean by the end of the day my muscles are sore but that's what I'm paying for. The thing I need to get better at is my aerobic exercise. If I can ever shake this cold/cough I'll be back on the stationary bike and hopefully taking a spinning class very soon.

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