Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Potomac Primaries I

I voted today as part of the Potomac Primaries.

Every time I vote I am reminded of my first clear memory of voting. I wasn't the one who was voting my mom was. It was 1968. I went with my mom to the local saving and loan which was our polling place.

I remember very clearly an older man (I was nine at the time so this guy seemed really really old and in retrospect he probably was really really old). One of the poll workers was helping him vote. He said in a very loud voice I want to vote for George C. Wallace for president. He said it several times.

My mom made some sort of comment on that I'm not exactly sure what but something to the effect of it takes all kinds. My mom of course was a tried and true Democrat. She was voting for Humphrey.

So every time I step into a polling place I think of that day 40 years ago and my first real memory of voting.

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