Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm a bad patient, Part II

So as I've said I have this cold from hell which is slowly receding into my chest. I'd hoped to stay home from work yesterday and just rest. I got a call around 7:30 from a co-worker who'd said she could not get out of her subdivision. There had been a small ice storm the night before. No one had gotten to her block to clear it. She would again but didn't know when or if she would be able to get out.

One of her publications was going to print yesterday. I also had something I really needed to get done so I decided to go in to work. I figured I do my project and get hers done and then head home. I stepped out on to my front porch and walked down the stairs and promptly landed on my ass. I did not take this particularly well. A very loud four letter word came out of my mouth. I finally hobbled down the stairs. I had two other near misses on the way to the subway.

Needless to say by the time I got to work I was not in a good mood. I also felt like crap. I don't work very well when I feel like crap. I get rather whiny. I announced that I was doing these two projects and then going home. I figured/hoped I'd be out before noon.

I was lucky and did get out before noon. I went home. I was very careful on the steps but all the ice had since melted. I went inside took some aspirin and headed out to the grocery store. I got a shopping cart and leaned on it the whole time I was shopping that's how wiped out I was. I did get the shopping done although it seemed like it took forever. I got home and collapsed.

Today I'm staying home. I hope to be better enough by tomorrow to go back to work. Although it might not be for the whole day.

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