Monday, June 13, 2011

An Interesting "Ballot" in the Mail

It's interesting what you get in the mail sometimes.

Saturday I got this large envelope in the mail. It looked very official. It came off as some important ballot that I needed to respond to.

I opened it.

In big bold letters was INSTRUCTIONS IF YOU INTEND TO VOTE Under that INSTRUCTIONS IF YOU DECLINE TO VOTE. I was supposed to sign the unopened secure carrier and return it to the Heritage Foundation so someone else could vote in my place. The return envelope has in all caps and bold italics secure ballot enclosed, tabulate for Congress immediately.

Then I looked at the “ballot.” I started to laugh out loud. What this really was was an elaborate fund raising attempt by the Heritage Foundation. Here’s a sample of the “ballot” questions.

3. Were you aware that — if liberals in Washington ever succeed in erasing the historic tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 it could result in what The Wall Street Journal has described as the "biggest tax increase in our nation's history?"

And the bold and italics is how the question appears on the "ballot."

Here's another one.

5. The Death Tax jumped from zero to 34% in President Obama's 2010 "tax deal." Liberals in Washington want to permanently keep this tax, which is a leading cause of termination of successful small businesses in America.

It goes on from there. In all there are 9 "ballot" questions. Then question 10 asks for money for the Heritage Foundation.

Wow is this subtle or what.

Here's a question I'd like to add. Are you in favor of the conservative plan to end Medicare as we know it which in all likelihood will price the poor and middle class out of being able to afford medical insurance while at the same time allowing rich people even greater tax cuts.

Yes I think my question should make the ballot. After all it does seem to be fair and balanced don't you think.


Anonymous said...

The PR gimmick of a ballot is definitely annoying. Scum! — Ed

seguros hogar said...

am slowly starting to see a faint trace of my style, the way I approach a theme and execute it. But at this stage it is like a barely there whisper and I am looking forward to discovering more of it and to see how your style develops:-)