Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Rhode Island Station Morphs into Rhode Island Row

I was wondering how long this would take changing the name from Rhode Island Station to something else. It was just going to be too confusing because most people would think you were talking about the Metro stop not the development there. And Rhode Island Row just sounds so much better. Here's the link to their site (the old site isn't even up any more). From the site it says they will be opening summer of 2011. I'm not exactly sure how that will happen. I could see maybe September or October.

I have to say I'm starting to get excited about what the place will finally look like. Also what stores and restaurants will end up being there.


Barry said...

Thanks for this great update and the photos. Really looking forward to seeing how this comes together and what stores/restaurants end up there. I look forward to more updates!

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Jason in DC said...

I walk by there twice a day going to and from the Metro. It is interesting that it seems like nothing happens for days and then there is a burst of activity. Of course there is a great deal of work going on inside the buildings now that you can't see.

I hope with in the next few weeks the developers will announce who will be going into the stores.