Monday, August 22, 2011

My goal was to do a little shopping and get some gas in my car

I wanted to find some nice short sleeve shirts. I only have one now. I use to have others but they are now too small. I can say rather proudly that they are small in the shoulder and chest area. Only one was too small around the tummy.

My plan was to set out early. I’d go to a place that had both a Kohl’s and a Target. I figured between the two places I would be able to find something. I also decided that I would get my gas in Maryland because it would be cheaper than in the District.

I didn’t start out early things just came up. I also ended up going and doing the last bit of grocery shopping in the morning. It was nice because very few people were there.

I finally get my act together and get going. I know there is a Shell station on the way to the shopping center. I’m going to Shell because of the program it has with Giant Foods. I get 10 cents off each gallon for every $100 I spend at Giant. I get to the place where the station is and there is a big back hoe where the gas pumps should be. Turns out they are digging up the tanks. This should have been a sign of things to come. I know there is another Shell station not too far away. It happens to be on the other side of the street so I decide I go there on the way back.

I get to the shopping center. I start at Kohl’s looking for shirts. There’s lots of things on sale. I take this as a good sign. Unfortunately, I could not fine anything I liked. More to the point I did find a couple of shirts I liked but none of them were in my size. And of course things in my size I did not like. Strike out at Kohl’s

I then went down the shopping are and went into the PetSmart that was there. I’m not sure why I do this. Well actually I do. It is a test to see if I’m ready to get another cat or cats. There were several very nice ones. Muffin was one. She was a calico about 6 years old. She got up from her cage and put her paw out. When I petted her, she licked my finger. There were a couple others that were equally nice. But I got really sad seeing them. I was thinking about how Sam isn’t around. So I’m still not ready. But Muffin was very sweet. I’m not sure I’d want to adopt a cat that was that old. I’m hoping come late winter or spring to be ready.

Heading onto Target feeling a little sad, I didn’t find anything there either.

Well I thought to myself at least I can get some gas on the way home. I drive pass the Shell station. This is right off the road and unfortunately there are only one set of pumps. And the cars were not facing the right way for me to pull in. None of the pumps would have been on the side that my gas tank is on. I’ve tried the over the car reach with the hose and that rarely works.

I decided I’ll go for a short drive and then come back to this place. I do that and there is a delivery truck taking up one side. There are cars on the other side facing the wrong way for me to pull in. So I give up on getting gas.

I decide time to go home. But on the way is a Best Buy and I stop off there. I just wonder around for a while. I look at TVs. I’m thinking about maybe getting an LED TV in the fall. I’d have Best Buy install it and then finally get Netflix set up so I can stream movies.

I head out to my car. It is now starting to cloud up. There is a little rain falling. I’m driving home and I notice another Shell station. What happens next more or less sums up how my weekend worked out.

I have to turn around because I’m in the wrong lane to pull into the station. I get in. It is starting to rain a little harder. But there’s a covering over the pumps. I get my discount from Giant of 20 cents off for each gallon. I put in my credit card get that all done and start pumping my gas. The rain is now coming down harder. It is starting to thunder and lightening. There is a bolt of lightening that hits hear by. The power at the gas station goes out. I’ve only pumped about five gallons of gas.

The pumps try and reset themselves. Of course my transaction is finished. Didn’t fill up the tank. Won’t get the discount if I finish filling up the car. The rain is coming down rather hard now. I decide to just get my receipt and get out of there.

I walk to into the station office. There machines are resetting themselves. I then look back at my car and notice that the gas cap is on the top of the car. I go out and put it where it belongs. It is now raining even harder. I go back in to the station office. The computers are up and I get my receipt. It is now pouring down rain. The awning over the pumps can’t hold back the water. There is a huge amount pouring out on one place. That place just happens to be right above the door to my car.

I believe I said something appropriate and headed out to get into the car. Of course I’d locked the door. The water was falling so fast it was literally bouncing off my head. I get soaked. I am able to get into the car pretty quickly but as I said I get soaked. I am pleasantly surprised that the inside of the car does not get wet.

I drive off towards home. Less than 10 minutes later the sun is out. You would have never know that it had rained.

Happy Sunday.

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