Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What a way to nominate a president

Here’s a headline from the Post after Saturday’s straw poll: Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll

And a huge number of people 16,584 participated. It means Bachman got an incredible 29% of the vote. Can you say meaningless? I thought you could. I believe no one who’s won this poll has gone on to win the Iowa Caususes which are in five or so months.

From this Monday’s Post:
Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty’s decision early Sunday to drop out of the 2012 Republican presidential race reflected the uncomfortable reality that his poor showing in a straw poll the previous day had made clear: He was the wrong man for the moment.

I think this really shouldn’t come as the much of a shock since watching paint dry was more intresting then listening to Pawlenty speak.

But you have to wonder how a straw poll could have this much impact on a presidential race. Then again it is August and the media doesn't have a great to focus on. Also people seem to love the horse race aspect of the race so the Ames Straw Poll was perfect for that.

Once again how exactly does this show the strengths of a candidate running for president.

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