Monday, August 01, 2011

Rhode Island Row Continues to Develop

Rhode Island Row continues to develop. It looks like there are starting on the last major set of buildings that will be part of the complex.

There has also been a major upgrade to their web site. There are now floor plans available to the various units that will be offered. They range from 1 bedroom/one bath to a three bedroom/three baths. You don't get a sense of the dimension of any of the rooms. A list of amenities offered in the apartments: a pool, grilling area, 24-hour fitness center and garage parking.

According to an article in Urban Turf:
UrbanTurf recently spoke to Vicki Davis, president of Urban-Atlantic, who is developing the Rhode Island Row project, a large mixed-use project at 919 Rhode Island Avenue NE next to the Red Line station. Davis said that starting in October, the first of the project’s 274 rental units will be ready for occupancy, and that potential tenants will be able to start looking at apartments in mid-August.

I'm a little concerned about what this going to do to traffic especially when attempting to get in and out of the Home Depot/Giant parking lot. I think this could be a potential problem especially in the spring when everyone is going to Home Depot for spring plants.

It seems the retail space won't be available until sometime next year:
The two buildings will also have 70,000 square feet of retail between them, although the first establishments won’t open until next March. For now, Urban-Atlantic is staying mum about potential tenants, waiting to make an announcement about retail offerings until the end of the year.

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