Saturday, May 19, 2012

Donna Summer

I was very sad to hear about her passing. And a little shocked too. I didn't even know that she was sick.

I happen to remember that a couple of friends and I got tickets to see her at Alpine Valley which is a big out door venue in Wisconsin not all that too far from where we lived in Illinois. She cancelled at the last minute and I remember it took forever to get a refund on the tickets. I think it was the year after Bad Girls.

I will say I was a fan. I remember when Bad Girls came out. I was a Sophomore in college and you couldn't walk down the hall without hearing it being blasting out of someone's room.

After college, after the backlash against disco, I do remember dancing to her music at a great club in DC called Tracks. Three or four times a year they would have a night called BackTracks where they would play "older" music. This was in the late 90s.

What was so cool about it was they would play the entire MacArthur Park side of the Live and More album (yes it was an album). They would use the same album every time and it had a skip in it and the crowd would always react to that with a groan.

Tracks is long long gone.

It's sad now that Donna Summer is too. She will be missed.

Above is a video of one of my favorite songs by her. I remember seeing this video for the first time when I was on a trip to Denmark. I liked it the first time I saw it and I still do.

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