Tuesday, May 08, 2012

More working in the Garden and the Yard

We had lunch. Then went back into the yard to look at more of my dad's garden. We were only going to look at his Hostas and try and figure out why there were no blooms on them.

It turned into more work in the yard. The work included taking some dead limbs off of one of the trees in the yard. Also pulling up some dead evergreen trees.

My dad soaked the roots of the evergreens and that made them easier to get out of the ground. All that extra water made a sound like a drain draining when I used the shovel to try and pry the evergreen out. It didn't take all that much time to get them out.

Here I am with the tree saw getting ready to cut down some limbs

Still getting ready to cut down limbs (add smiling face here)

One of the dead evergreens we got out of the ground.

The dead evergreens.

Once the trees were out it just made sense to go and get something to replace them. After all the holes were all dug, all we needed was something to put into them. We decided on some boxwood shrubs. And here they are. The last picture shows my dad watering them after we planted them.

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