Friday, May 11, 2012

Some Success at Downstream

I had a nice run on the penny machine. I was only going to gamble $20. Once I lost that I was going to be done for the day.

Well I'd lost about five bucks and then I hit. I have to say I have little understanding how I win money when I actually win it but then again who cares. I won about $17 and decided I was indeed done for the day.

My dad did not have a very good morning session. Ed did fairly well with blackjack

We broke for lunch and enjoyed the wonderful buffet there. For some reason we all got the senior discount.

After that we returned to the fray. My dad had a much better afternoon. He was the big spender of the three of us and got on a 2 cent machine. He started out with $10. He had several good wins and ended up with $57 when he called it a day.

We then headed home. On the way we drove through Joplin. It 's been over a year since the tornado. There has finally been some progress in rebuilding. I'll post pictures of it in the next couple of days.

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