Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Sun Rises at National Airport

I had a fairly early flight out to Springfield yesterday. It was at 8:20. So to get to the airport I took the Super Shuttle because Metro doesn't open until 7 am. I set my pick up time for 5:30. I thought that might be a little early but the shuttle can hold up to 7 people and sometimes it takes a while to pick everyone up. That wasn't the case yesterday. There were only 3 people to pick up including myself. I got to National a little after 6. I had a long time to wait. But I looked at the departures and found that there was another flight to Dallas (I always go through either Chicago or Dallas to get to Springfield) at 7 am. I thought maybe I can get on that flight. It turns out I didn't have status, whatever that meant, but I could get on the flight if I wanted to pay an extra $75. I decided to wait in DC. I did get to see an amazing sunrise.

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