Wednesday, May 02, 2012

First Nationals Game of the Year

This from a story in the Washington Post:

Bryce Harper and his preternatural ability, his magnetism anywhere on a baseball diamond, will spread murmurs and chills throughout Nationals Park for years to come. The first time came Tuesday night. Even if the Washington Nationals and their dismal offense are blown out, even if he goes hitless and strikes out in his first at-bat, even if the place is half-full, Harper will still find a moment to amaze.

Harper unleashed a rocket to the plate from roughly 300 feet away. It seemed ill-advised at first — of course John McDonald was going to score, so why not, with the bases loaded and one out, keep the runner on second from advancing? But Harper had put himself in perfect position.

As the ball traveled and the din rose and McDonald sprinted home, it became clear Harper had made the right decision. The ball settled into Wilson Ramos’s glove, a foot or two toward the infield. McDonald slid in. Ramos tagged him on the knee as he crossed the plate. Replays would later show the tag hit McDonald’s knee a blink before his toe crossed the plate. Home plate umpire Jeff Nelson may not have believed it. He called McDonald safe.

It was a spectacular throw. Truly amazing. Everyone of course thought the runner at home plate was out. But that's not how it was called. Still just amazing what the guy can do. The last two pictures are of Harper.

For a Tuesday night, I thought the crowd was pretty good. The weather was just perfect to watch a game. The friend I went with and I spent a little more than usual on tickets and got great seats along the third base line. A very fun night regardless of the score of the game.

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