Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Saga to the Springfield Dump

Not the typical dump of where you dump garbage. A dump where you take brush. The brush is then turned into compost and sold to people.

My dad and I had trimmed some branches from a tree in his front yard (well actually I trimmed while my dad pointed out the branches to cut). We then decided to take what we had bagged to the dump.

Thus our saga started.

Now there is a little set up before the main part of out story takes place. The dump is of course out in the country so there is room to dump all of the brush. To get to the dump from my dad's house you literally turn onto a one road that is reduced to one lane. The lane goes over a bridge. So if a car is coming in the opposite direction you have to take turns driving over the bridge. The other factor to take into consideration is there had been rain on Sunday night.

My dad and I set out. We reach the road we need to turn onto but there is a sign that says the road is closed. The sign is an electronic one but that's the only information on it. There is nothing about how to get to the dump with the road closed.

My dad and I keep driving. We think there might be another way to get to the dump. We think there is another road a little ways down from where we are. We try our luck. We drive too far. We turn around and try again. We turn back on to the road we were on that takes us to the dump. We retrace our steps again. We turn on a road we think will take us where we need to go. It turns out there is no access to the dump on this road. You end up at the power plant.

We ponder for a little while. I consult my iPhone and Siri hoping she will get us where we need to go.  She finds a dump for Greene County (the county we are in) but finds it in Michigan. Not all that helpful. I ask to show where we are on a map.

I look at the map and think I have found a way to get to the dump. It is not identified on the map but I think I know where it is. We start back toward the original way to the dump. Instead of making a right onto the road that eventually leads to the road with the one lane bridge, we keep going straight.

We go to the next road and make a right on that. This road curves. It curves to the left. Then there is a sharp right turn in the road. It continues on for awhile. We come to another road and we make a left. At this point in time we both think we are lost. I call my brother. He tries and help figure out where we are. But in the course of the conversation we come across a sign that points to the dump.

We pull in and dump our brush. We then retrace our steps and get back home fairly quickly. But it is only the start of our day but our only big adventure of the day.

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