Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fleetwood Mac at the Verizon Center, Part III

Yes, I can't stop talking and posting about the concert. Maybe I'll come down from the high by the weekend. I found some video from the concert on Tuesday at Verizon Center.

Here's Gold Dust Woman

Here's Don't Stop

Both these videos and the ones I posted yesterday really give you a feel for what the concert was like. But nothing beats being there in person.

It's interesting in the course of the day I remember things about the concert. Like how Stevie Nicks dedicated Landslide to our armed forces. How kick ass Stand Back was one of my favorite Stevie Nicks songs. Just how amazing Lindsey Buckingham is on guitar. How through it all John McVie is solid as a rock paying the bass. And Mic Fleetwood the sheer joy he shows when he is on stage. I think that is an amazing thing considering all he's gone through in his life. In all I just remember what a kcik ass concert it was.

And now for a little perspective. I first saw Fleetwood Mac at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin on July 18, 1978 for $8. I'm pretty sure that was for the lawn. I saw them again at the Capital Center in Maryland on October 8, 1987 for $17.50. The next time was at the MCI Center in DC (now the Verizon Center) on May 9, 2003 for $125.00. This last time was the Verizon Center for $149.50. Worth ever penny!

If you get a chance see them.

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