Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Smile

What a week we've had! AIG certainly dominated the news and looks like it could this week as well. There'll be more to learn about bonuses there and at Merrill Lynch. So I think it is time for a smile. So here's my Sunday Smile.

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Pete said...


Weird how a bunch of journalists have come forth to point out that they did stories about the impending bonuses as long ago as Christmas week. Such as: the guy from the Rolling Stone who has a new piece out this week, which he's spent about 3 months developing from his original story. So there's no excuse for everyone in Washington to be shocked, simply shocked, by the news that "broke" a week ago. The Treasury Department looks really bad, and, sadly, so does Obama. I hate to say it, but his team smells like the Bush administration on this issue — screwups and BS excuses.

I realize that everyone else is full of crap, too. But I'm singling out Obama for criticism because I voted for him and I expect better.

So, let's take bets on how long Geitner has before he's gone. I say April 15.

— Ed