Sunday, March 22, 2009

Taxes, taxes, taxes and tax returns

We seem to have all sorts of taxes these days.

Income taxes both federal and state, property taxes, sales tax, excise tax, capital gains (probably not many people are paying that one these days) on and on.

Then of course there are tax returns. I filed both federal and DC taxes last week. To be precise I did them on Sunday. I used Turbo Tax. I've found the program to be very reliable except for one little problem I had one year. It took a call to tech support to solve the problem.

Anyway so I do my returns. I'm getting a return from both DC and federal. I submit both returns at the same time. The federal returned is excepted on Sunday. I keep checking my e-mail to see when DC will except mine. Monday passes nothing. Tuesday nothing. I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this. Have the lost it? Will I have to file again?

Finally on Wednesday, I get the e-mail saying DC has accepted the return.

Thursday I go on-line to my bank's site to look at my checking account balance. And to my great surprise is a deposit from the DC government. It's my refund.

Pretty amazing. Hopefully my federal return will show up this coming week.

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