Monday, March 16, 2009

Something to Smile At

I learned a long time ago that memories of smell are the strongest memories that you have. This morning while walking to the subway I had one of those memories. There was an overwhelming smell of skunk. I don’t think it was an actual skunk but it sure did smell like that.

That smell reminded me of something that happened to my mom and me many years ago.

We were on vacation. We were at Bay Shore Inn in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin. We started going there regularly for our summer vacations when I was in my early teens. We’d gone there when I was very young and had enjoyed it a great deal. It now became our regular summer vacation destination. There was a great deal to do there. You could take a motor boat ride, go out on the resorts sailboat (this is something my dad loved to do even though he couldn’t swim), there was even water skiing (I tried on several times but usually ended up face down in the water). There was also a great deal to do in Door County.

One morning after breakfast (they had some of the best breakfasts you’d ever want to have. I especially liked the Swedish pancakes), my mom and I decided to take a walk.

The resort owned some property across the road from the main part of the resort. They grew some of their own vegetables there. There was a path that went around the fields where they planted. We were walking down the path admiring the gardens when we both looked up and there was a skunk walking down the path in our direction. We took one look at each other and quickly turned and went in the opposite direction. Once we knew we were out of range of the skunk we both started laughing and laughed all the was back to our room. It was an interesting way to start the day.

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