Monday, May 18, 2009

Growing Around the House

Spring has finally arrived. Well at least the flowers for spring have arrived. It still is getting fairly cold at night. But my roses are starting to come out. With any luck and some good weather I should have the yellow roses blooming until December.

Here are two of my flower boxes. I went out and got geraniums for them. They are the only flowers I plan to buy this summer.

Here are the other two of the flower boxes on the front porch. In the far ones are some zinnas I planted. In the box at the bottom is another snap dragon that just decided to grow all on its own. I think it is left over from last year.

Here are the seeds I planted a few weeks back. I figure that sometime in November they might be big enough to actually produce flowers. Note to self next year plant a whole hell of a lot earlier in the year.

This is the snap dragon that sprouted up last summer. It survived the very cold weather of winter to emerge and prosper for this year.

This last picture is of the plants on my back steps. This is Sansevieria. All 19 of these potted plants are descended from one plant. I got the original plant from Jennifer's parents. It's when I had an operation on my lung in 1983. It was part of a planter that you would send to someone who was in the hospital. All these years later I still have it.

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