Saturday, May 23, 2009

Morning Ride

A spectacular morning ride today. The weather could not have been better. It actually didn't rain for a change. I got off at 6:06am. Even earlier than I'd hope for. I wanted to get out at 6:30. So leaving early was great.

A bright sunny day. I never get over how beautiful it is to look out across the Potomac while riding down to Mt. Vernon and see the monuments. This being Memorial Day weekend there are lots of celebrations and events going on. The pictures of the flags are for one.

I had no problems on the trail. I got down to Mt. Vernon in really good time. It took my about an hour and 45 minutes to get there. I then went further down the road to where it ends at a t-intersection. That's where I turned around and started heading back.

I had a really wonderful thing happen on the way back. I was on the bike path and came under a canopy of trees and there were all these cardinals singing. There must have been at least six or more singing. It was just fantastic.

The path got a little more crowded as I was heading back. I'm glad I got out early. I took the path up towards the Key Bridge. I thought I put on a few extra miles by getting on the Rock Creek Trail and riding up to the zoo. Once on Rock Creek I remembered why I don't ride it. It really is not trail for bikes. It is just too narrow at least at this point of it. Also the road is literally right next to you so if you went off the path you'd be right on the road. I got off the first chance I found.

That's when I headed toward DuPont where I found my next surprise for the day which you can see below.

Oh yes the total for today 51.61 miles.

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