Sunday, May 24, 2009

What About Dick?

Or maybe it should be what a Dick. I'm not sure. The Dick of course I'm referring to, in case you've been under a rock for the last few days, would be Dick Cheney. What to say about this person. I was thinking about that when I was riding my bike yesterday. I was especially thinking about it while viewing the Washington Monument and riding around the Lincoln Memorial.

I wondered what the two of them would think of all this.

I thought of a great many things to say in response to Dick. The absurd notion that enhance interrogation techniques, otherwise know as torture, saved hundreds of thousands of America lives. Wow, where'd he come up with that one. The Obama administration and Obama in particular have been very restrained in their response to this.

What Cheney is saying is nothing new. I thought I'd go on about that but then I thought of something else. Actually a couple of things.

I find it interesting that the far right and the Republicans (which I guess these days are one in the same) during the Bush Administration couldn't fathom that there was a first amendment to the Constitution.

You know the silly one about freedom of speech. Because boy they sure didn't believe in it when anyone criticized Bush especially on the war. But lo and behold Barack Obama is elected president and all of a sudden they found out there is a First Amendment. Here's what Bush press secretary had to say:

"Why shouldn't the vice president defend the Bush administration policies?" Dana Perino said yesterday by e-mail. "I am pretty sure we still have free speech in our country -- and he should exercise his right as he sees fit, just as every American should."

Gee too bad you didn't believe in that when you were in office.

As to the Democrats the story is just as interesting. Staunch defenders to the First Amendment when Bush was in power. And now well gosh maybe Dick should just shut up and go back to Wyoming.

I think I smell a whiff of hypocrisy from both sides.

And my other thought was this. I'm not sure why this came to mind but Dick Cheney reminds me of the big bad that used to be the major story arc in seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sort of like Glory or the First but much more malevolent than both of them combined.

So what to do about Dick? Well, what we need to do is banish Dick back to the hell dimension from which he came. And I think that time should be right about now.

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