Monday, May 04, 2009

A Week Off

I have the week off!!!

My plan today is to head down to the Mall and see what there is to see at the National Gallery, Natural History and American History Museums. It looks like the rain from the last few days is going to continue but that's what umbrellas are for.

Tuesday, I going to have lunch with a friend and then we are going to see a movie or the other way round.

Wednesday is my day in New York. I'm taking the bus up at 7:15. I'm supposed to get there around 11:45. I plan to walk up to the half price ticket place and get a ticket to a show. I have a list of potential plays to see: Exit the King, Blythe Spirit or Mary Stuart. Then in the evening I have a ticket to see 9 to 5. I head back to DC on the 1:30 am bus on Thursday morning.

Thursday I think I'm resting.

Friday is sort of an open day. I think I'm going to have a training session.

Then Saturday and Sunday I'm getting on the bike and seeing how far I can go each day.

And that's what I'm doing on my week off.

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