Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Museum Tour

The weather wasn't all that inviting. It was misty and then turned rainy and then there were a couple of down pours. But it was really a perfect day to head down to the Mall and go to museums. After all umbrellas were invented to help keep you dry or at least not to get really wet.

I started out from my house a little after 9:30. I figured I would get down to the National Gallery, the first stop on my tour, right about when it opened. I always start with the East Gallery and work my way west. I arrived a little after 10 and then proceeded to have a fantastic if somewhat damp day down at the Mall. It is one of the reason I so love living in Washington. I'm able to spend a day just like this.

The first thing I saw at the East Wing was an exhibit on small French paintings.

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