Thursday, May 07, 2009

Time Line of New York City Trip

Here's the time line of my trip to the Big Apple.

Wednesday May 6, 2009
5:00 am
I get up.

6:10 am
I leave the house but have to go back a fetch something I forgot.

7:18 am
The Mega Bus is ready to roll. There are three other people on the bus with me. I should say three other people with me on the upper deck. There might be people on the first deck but I don't see them.

It's interesting that there is a Bolt Bus which is leaving at about the same time. I wold say there are probably at least 10 or more people waiting for that one.

So the adventure begins!!!!

7:37 am
Officially out of DC. Traffic is moving along well. The ride is actually smooth but of course that's because we aren't traveling on DC roads. We're on the BW Parkway and it is very lush and green from all the rain.

7:48 am
Got on the Beltway for a short time. We exited on to 95 right before traffic came to a screeching halt.

8:31 am
We've made a stop. I'm not sure exactly where but I assume it is somewhere north of Baltimore.

8:58 am
The Bolt Bus just passed us. I have to assume it is the same one that left DC.

9:16 am
My goodness the sun is breaking through. The ceiling of the bus is glass. I have to assume this was a touring bus of some sort. Maybe the clouds will break and the sun will shine. Most likely not however.

9:37 am
Welcome to New Jersey.

9:40 am
Went to use the bathroom. I have to say I'm so glad I'm a guy. The bathroom is downstairs so to speak. There were about 9 other people down there.

10:12 am
Muffing time. Thank you Lisa for getting them for me. It's still a gray day. Looks like it will stay that way.

10:39 am
Just finished the third of the four magazines I brought with me. Better than a book because I can toss them once I get to New York. I figure I won't be ding any reading on the ride back.

11:15 am
The New York City skyline. Just about there.

11:28 am
Going through the Lincoln Tunnel

11:42 am
Drop off!!! I'm heading up toward Times Square and the half price ticket booth. It takes me a little longer to get there. I thought it was right at 42nd Street but it is at 47th.

12:05 pm
I'm in line to get my ticket to see Exit the King. It is interesting that people get in line and really don't have a good idea of which show they want to see. They compare prices of tickets between two shows or which one has better seats.

I think they should have a line for people who have made up their minds. Then one that is for people who really don't know what they are doing. I think it would help speed things along.

I have a ticket to the 2:00 pm show of Exit the King. Row N seat 113. Cost around $62 and change.

12:15-12:50 pm
I'm walking around. The Naked Cowboy is playing in Times Square. All sorts of people are walking up to him and getting their picture taken with him.

12:55-1:13 pm
I'm looking for lunch. I walk into the Roxy Deli. I get a seat and look at the menu. Sandwiches start at around $23. I leave.

I spotted a Pret on 7th Avenue. Go down there and get a sandwich. Get a cookie on the way back to Times Square. I end up sitting at a table right in the middle of Times Square.

And suddenly the sun comes out!!

6:09 pm
Having dinner at Simply Pasta. Simply wonderful.

Exit the King was nothing short of amazing. Geoffrey Rush was fantastic. No wonder he got nominated for the Tony. (I'll go into more details on the shows with the next post)

I made an attempt to get to the top of the Empire State Building but the line was too long.

7:40 pm
I'm making my way over to see 9 to 5. Times Square is just packed with people.

10:42 pm
Just got out of 9 to 5. Very enjoyable. Some really well done songs. I'm walking around Times Square and taking pictures.

10:55 pm
I'm heading over to Don't Tell Mama, a bar. I'm going to meet up with a Friend that I volunteer with at Food and Friends for drinks and comparing notes on our days.

11:10 pm - 12:36 am
Have drinks and we talk about Exit the King. He saw the evening performance. We both agree the show was just fantastic.

12:38 am
We leave the bar and it is pouring pouring pouring down rain.

1:14 am
I make it down to the bus. I step into a puddle (actually more like a small lake) and get my feet wet. But I'm going to be on a bus for the next five hours so who cares.

1:35 am
The bus gets going. A lot more people on this one than the one coming up. I'd say around 15 to 20 people.

3 am ish
We make a stop in Philadelphia. Rather a long round about way of getting in and out of the city. But I'm dozing off and am warm and not wet. It continues to rain.

6:48 am
Back in Washington. What a blast. All I can say is why didn't I think of this sooner and when can I go again.

Yes, indeed a triumph.

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