Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More from Nats Fest — Jerry Blevins

Nats Fest gave you a little sense of what the players are like off the field. I have to say I really like Jerry Blevins. He joined the Nationals last December. He had an entire segment on the main stage about the movies he liked. He gave out his top 10 list.

Then he played a movie trivia game with three members of the audience. Names of movies were put on index card. Blevins held the card to his forehead. The contestants then gave Blevins clues to the movie without using the title. Blevins then had to guess the title based on those clues. He was very good.

He also did an interview with 106 the fan radio about his playing in Japan.

Finally he played Nintendo baseball against Tyler Clippard. The Nats played the Nats.

A really smart and funny guy. Looking forward to see how his career develops with the Nats.

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