Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Email Works Again

I got up Saturday morning. I checked my email and I was still not receiving anything. It was that way on my phone as well. Nothing coming through.

I decided that I was not going to call in the morning and ask what was happening. I figured I would just get the run around. I didn’t want to leave my house for Nats Fest in a bad mood. I decided to wait until I got home.

After having a blast at Nats Fest and a great buffalo burger at RFD, I came home and knew I would have to face this.

I called up Comcast. I got through rather quickly. I had to give the back ground on what had happened. The guy acknowledged that this was still an open ticket. He wanted to try one thing to see if that would solve the problem. We changed the password for the account. Still didn’t make any difference.

The tech said he was going to put a priority on this (which I thought was what had happened Friday night but I guess there are different levels of priority?). My email should be working by 9pm that night. I decided I would wait and check at 10. Giving them an extra hour to fix this problem.

At ten, I checked my email. In my in box was an email from Comcast saying my email had been fixed. It came in at 7:30. About an hour or so after I’d talk to the guy. I’m glad it’s fixed. Glad I’m getting email but emails that were sent to me in the down period have not appeared. Not that I think I missed anything important but it would be still be nice to get them.

What I don't understand is why my ticket wasn't made a priority when the problem wasn't fixed in the promised 24 hours. I'm not sure why I had to call to have that happened. Especially in light of the fact it took them like an hour to fix it. I have to wonder if I'd called in the morning if it wouldn't have been fixed then. I guess it does prove the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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