Saturday, August 29, 2015

2Political Podcast Episode 110

2Political Podcast Episode 110 is now available. You can listen to it or download it from the podcast site, You can leave comments there as well as download or listen to any episode (you can access the five most recent episodes from the list on the right side of my blog).

We start today by talking about some fun things, like Jason’s recent visit to the National Building Museum (which Arthur didn’t know existed) and their “The Beach” exhibit.

Our first topic today is “The Hair Donald”. Arthur thinks that pundits still don’t get how much Trump speaks to the base of the Republican Party. Jason points out how much of the conventional wisdom about the race is wrong. The Republican Party created all its own problems—and it has a lot of problems.

And, we managed to make this episode shorter!

Links for this episode:
National Building Museum
At the Beach at the National Building Museum – All Jason’s posts on the exhibit
“Charles Koch scolds the 1 percent: The plutocrat’s surprising moment of clarity” – from Salon
“The missing clown” Arthur’s blog post on the 17th Republican Clown Candidate
Arthur’s blog, podcasts and videos can be accessed here.

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