Tuesday, August 04, 2015

All Alone on a Metro Car

As much as I complain about the problems Metro has, it does do something really well. It does well after Nats game of getting trains into the station and people on their way.

It's hard to know exactly when a game will end. But Metro is good at getting trains into the Navy Yard Station quickly at the end of the game. This is especially true of getting eight car trains into the station. I usually wait for one of the eight car trains so I'm not packed into a car.

There are Metro employees on the platform directing people. Telling, when an eight car train is coming into the station, to go to the end of the platform. It's too bad more people don't listen.

The picture above shows the car I got on when I left the game. Now the crowd was not huge because the Nats hadn't done anything all game. But there were still plenty of people on the platform.

The picture shows how many people were on the car. That's right no one was on the car. The train remained on the platform for several more minutes. In that time three more people got on. They all got off at L'Enfant Plaza. I got off at Gallery Place an no one else got on the car. Who knows how long it remained empty.

But that's point the car was empty. Why more people didn't move down as instructed is a mystery. This is also not the first time that this has happened to me. There have been times when going home from a game, with a lot more people in the station, and the final car has few people in it. While cars closer to the center of the platform are completely packed standing room only.

I'm hoping people don't catch on to the empty car because it sure makes riding home much nicer when there's no one in the car.

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