Saturday, August 08, 2015

At Least the Fireworks Were Good — Nats Blow a Three Run Lead

Everything was going just fine on Friday night. The Nats were in the lead (4-1) with only two innings left and then imploded in the top of the 8th. The bases became loaded and then grand slam. The Nats were behind 5-4.

Drew Storen was pitching. And well there is no other way to put it he blew it. From the Post:
After Colorado Rockies right fielder Carlos Gonzalez hit a go-ahead grand slam off a fastball in the eighth, Washington Nationals setup man Drew Storen wandered off the rubber, not heading anywhere in particular, still looking toward right field. He could not avert his eyes until the ball landed, unable to turn away from the shot that ended one of the most dominant stretches of his career, the ball that turned a three-run lead into a numbing 5-4 loss.

As that home run headed toward the Nationals’ bullpen, Ryan Zimmerman dropped his head. The man who has played more games than anyone as a National was unable to watch another game unravel in what was supposed to be his team’s best season yet. Bryce Harper followed the ball to the wall, then watched it fly over, resigned to the futility of his chase. The league MVP candidate, who struck out with the tying run at first in the ninth, was unable to reverse the damage.
I don't even know what to say about this. All I can do is shake my head. As the bases were loaded and the next Colorado batter stepped into the box, I thought oh my Storen is going to give up a grand slam. And sure enough he did. The kicker was that this damage was done with two outs. Sounds familiar somehow doesn't it.

I feel like the season is starting to slip away from them. I'll have more thoughts on that in another post.

It's also not like the Nationals didn't have other chances to score runs. They did. The Nats had their own bases loaded situation in the 7th. They were unable to score even a run. As I've said before, if you load the bases, you have to get at least one run across the plate. In the 8th, Desmond got on. He stole second. Was advanced to third but that's as far as he got.

I don't like going to games and see the Nats lose. No one likes to go to a game and see their team lose. But I don't mind it if the Nats have played a good game. As the saying goes you can't win them all. But when there are opportunities to score runs and you fail that's a disappointment. And loading the bases allowing a grand slam with two outs. Ouch that just hurts.

One final note went with people from work and we sat in the 300s. A whole new perspective on the game. And really good seats.

A few of the snacks available at the club seats

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