Saturday, August 22, 2015

Back to Nats Park

It's always fun to get back to the park. 

But it's mixed with concern that the post season is rapidly slipping away from the Nats. They got creamed last night by a team that stinks and that's being kind. 

Not sure what is wrong with the Nats. They were operating on full throttle in May and June. But since then they have been horrible. They are 6-14 in August. They are five games back from the Mets. And they don't seem to have much life in them. They had just two wins in a row once this month. They need to get hot and get hit now. I'm not sure they have it in them. The only way they get in the playoffs is to win the division. 

What makes me sad is they really are a good team. A very talented team. A few years back, when they lost 100 games two years in a row, you knew the talent wasn't there. But slowly they got better. This year the talent is there and yet. 

As my friend Mark said the replacements were playing better than the starters. The starters came back (Rendon, Zimmerman and Werth) and they have been very rusty. One can only imagine what shape the Nats would be in without Bryce Harper. 

Perhaps tonight will be the start of a hot streak like they had in May. 

One can only hope. 

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