Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Today is my birthday, Part III

I'm at Kelly's Ellis Island restaurant. It 's an eatery I've been going past it for awhile and decided I'd have dinner there because (wait for it) . . . Today is my birthday.

I had a nice walk here. It is about ten minutes from my house. I went past the house that has the yucca plants. You can see how nice they are. I was going to take a picture of the cacti flowers but there were people on the porch of the house. I thought it would be a bit awkward taking pictures with them there. I will try and get some pictures tomorrow on my walk.

I got a new pedometer because . . . . . . . . . . . too many references to my birthday would become gratuitous and make me look incredibly self-centered so I'm going to try and refrain from mentioning the fact that today is my birthday (the question to ask is how well irony
works on a blog) . . . now back to our story.

I went to City Sports and got a new pedometer. It has all the functions of my old one but it actually works. It even has a function to keep track of your walks over the course of a week.

One draw back is how much packaging there is for this thing. It's in one of those hard plastic case things. The only way into one of these things is with very sharp scissors. It reminds me of the ridiculous lengths taken to enclose the bottle of 81 mg aspirin that I take. You start with the box the bottle comes in. Next is a plastic sleeve around the bottle. After that is the child proof cap. Then the top of bottle has a paper seal over it. And last but not least cotton is stuffed into the bottle.

I put all the information in the pedometer to make it work: stride length weight stuff like that. I'm using it on my walk tonight.

For dinner, I ordered shrimp scampi with pasta but they'd run out of the pasta so I had rice instead. I'm glad they ran out of the pasta. The rice was excellent. It had just a hint of butter and garlic while the shrimp really had it. It was a great contrast. The shrimp were good too. Eight in all.

Now I'm home. Sam and I went out for a bit. I called my brother to thank him for the cool gifts I got from him and my sister-in-law. I walked 1.68 miles. Sam is enjoying sitting on the jiffy bag that a couple of my presents came in. On the way home I picked up some vanilla ice cream and I'm going to have it with the left over cake from my party at work. It will be really yummy.

I might even have two pieces of cake which will call for two scoops of ice cream because after all:

Today is my birthday and it's been a great one.


Arthur Schenck said...

Hope the cake and ice cream was yummy (any toothpicks involved?). Glad you had a great day. You deserve it--because, it's your birthday!

Jason in DC said...

No toothpicks involved but it was really yummy and there are several more pieces left to eat. So at great personal sacrifice on my part I will eat the remaining pieces and maybe even have a scoop of ice cream with each.

I know I'm such a brave soul.

Anonymous said...

At the Ellis Island restaurant, were you forced to wait in a very long line before reaching an officious maitre d with a hand stamp who wouldn't seat you unless you agreed to change your name to a simplified spelling? heh-heh-heh

Anonymous said...

Oh, the previous anonymous comment is form me. — Ed