Thursday, September 10, 2015

Taking My Change to the Bank

I try not to spend my change. I put all of it in a container. Actually the container used to have kitty litter in it. I used to keep it in a orange juice jar but it was hard to get the change out when I took it in to the bank to count. The original kitty litter container got old and developed a crack so I replaced it. The new one is larger than the old which comes into play as to why I took it in.

The change container

The reason I took it was because it was about a year since the last time I took it in. But the main reason I took it in was because I vacuuming. The container sits on the floor and I tried to move it while vacuuming. I tried to push it to the side with my foot. That didn’t work. I had to pick it up. Once I did that I realized I would need to take to the bank soon or I would not be able to lift it. Or while lifting it it might break and create a huge mess.

The plan was to take it to the TD Bank right by my house the weekend before I went to New York. But that just didn’t work out. Then I remembered they were open on Sundays. So I figured I could take it in on the Sunday I got back.

I lugged it out to my car and put it in the front seat. Off I went to the bank. I decided I would to in and check to see if they did indeed have a coin machine and if it was working. Turns out they had the machine but it wasn’t working. But the clerk pointed out that there was a sign on the machine that listed a couple of branches near by that had a machine. He volunteered to call and check. The first one he checked wasn’t open on Sundays. The second one was open and the machine was working too. The only problem was it was in China Town. Parking might be a problem. I didn’t want to have to carry it a long ways.

I thanked the clerk and went out to my car. Used my smart phone to see if there was another branch near by that might have easier access to parking. I couldn’t find anything that was open. I decided to try my luck and see if there was parking by the one in China Town. I thought maybe because it was a holiday weekend there might be a spot for me.

I head off with fingers crossed that I could find a spot. The parking gods were with me. I did find a space to park. It was in the same block on the same side of the street and very close to the bank. Yeah. Now I will say that there was a no parking anytime sign on the block. But it was hard to tell if applied to the entire block because it was the only sign for that side of the street. I decided to risk it anyway.

I went in and asked if they had a change machine and if it was working. Yes to both. I lug in the container. Go over to the machine and start feeding in the money. Almost at the end the machine says I need to get help from a clerk because one of the bags if full. The clerk changes out the bag. It was a shame he had to go to so much trouble because I was just about at the end.

I finished up. The coin machine spit out a receipt with my total.

The grand total was $433.34.

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