Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Hotel Mini-bar

The charger is in the upper left hand corner

 Of course every hotel has a mini-bar. It’s always interesting to look in it and see what’s available.

These days they have become very sophisticated. They have sensors so they automatically can tell when you remove something.

Here’s what was offered to eat in the mini-bar at my hotel. If you ate all of the things it would cost you $70. That’s right $70. The most expensive thing in it was the package of almonds for $10. The Kit Kat bar was $6. My thought was just go to a CVS and you could buy serveral of them for $6.

Now there were a couple of non-food items in this part of the bar. There was a charger. I actually picked that up to take a look at it because at first I couldn’t tell what it was. I thought it might be something else to eat. Turned out to be a charger.

But since I’d taken it out of the bar a charge was added to my bill. I got an email very early on Sunday morning from the hotel. They called it my folio. On it was a fee for the charger for $27.22. I think I wasn’t charged for this but I’m still trying to figure that out.

Moral of the story don’t even look at the mini bar or you’ll be charged for something.

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