Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I decided I’d stay in bed for part of the morning on Sunday. I wanted to enjoy the bed I was paying for. I woke up around 6 and just didn’t want to get up. Finally around 8 I started to get going. I took a shower and then packed up.

I picked up a muffin which would serve as breakfast. I decided I would talk up to Central Park and then slowly make my way to the Frick Collection.

As I was walking up 8th Avenue, I happened to notice several guys with  headsets on that had mics on them. Also what I assumed was a battery pack in their back pockets. I noticed probably three of these guys in each block that I was walking.

I thought it a little odd. But it all came into focus when I got to the next block. They were filming a movie.

Not just any movie but Ghostbusters. There parked on the street was the iconic Ghostbusters station wagon. They were filming the car driving down the street. There was a big black SUV with a boom camera on a swing arm that extended far out over the hood of the SUV.

They were filming on the other side of the street that I was on. I didn’t recognize anyone in the car. I figured there probably weren’t any of the principal players at the shoot. This was just some sort of a set up shot. I thought that because there was such a small number of people at the shoot. It seems to me if one of the stars had been on set there would have been a lot more people present.

It was cool to see.

Here's the SUV with the big boom camera following the ghost busters.

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