Friday, August 03, 2007

Chris Isaak at Wolf Trap

I saw Chris Isaak at Wolf Trap on Wednesday. I've been buying his albums for many years. I enjoy his music a great deal but I'd have to say he's not one of favorites artists. Well that's all changed after Wednesday.

What a show. He was just fantastic. I'd listened to him on my iPod that day. I knew just about all of the songs he played. He also had just an incredible stage presence. He was very funny. A couple of the stories Isaak told on Wednesday:

We've been playing for 20 years and if you see us year after year we get a little bit better each year. We want to get as good as ABBA ok well close to as good as ABBA.

A women yelled out a request for Solitary Man. Isaak said you can’t just yell out a request for a song and expect us to play it. What do think this is some bar. There ain’t no chicken wire in front of us. Then of course the next song that is played is Solitary Man.

He talked about touring with other entertainers. Some were really nice on stage but back stage they were just terrible people. He said you just wanted to get a rusty ice pick and stick them with it. He then turns to his drummer and says you know what I mean. And the drummer says yes I feel that way every night.

Here's a video of one of my favorite songs.

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