Monday, August 06, 2007

Odds and ends

Hot, hot
The weather is turning warmer this week. It might hit 100 on Wednesday. Even for Washington that is very hot. As they always say it’s not the heat; it’s the humidity. I will say that this has not been all that bad of a summer. There have been three to five days of hot weather in a row and then there is a cool off. This is supposed to last into Thursday and then it is supposed to cool off. Once again just in time for the weekend. This past weekend wasn’t all that bad. It even rained some last night and this morning.

My plants certainly needed it. The garden in the back has just gone crazy. The flowers are muscling out the weeds. Since Sam stays in the house, I haven’t been doing weeding on a regular basis. Now it is hard to get to the weeds without stepping on the flowers. So I have to pull the weeds out gingerly or I’m pulling up flowers as well. I continue to water the pansies out front most ever day and sometimes twice a day. But the flowers continue to whither away. I’ll no better next year not to buy those not matter how pretty they look.

You can hear a pin drop
Here the quiet in Washington? It’s August. Congress has left. It is quiet in the city. There are not nearly as many cars on the road. The Metro seems a little less crowded. A hush has fallen over the city. It will only last until the Tuesday after Labor Day. But it is something to be enjoyed.

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