Sunday, August 05, 2007

So funny I had to laugh

I'm borrowing a saying one of my grandmothers would use. It was so funny I had to laugh and this is what I laughed about.

I bought Sam a new nail clipper today. In it there was a nail file. Yes a nail file. The instructions say that:

Before you start accustom your pet to having his paws touched and manicured. Begin when you pet is still your. Always speak soothingly to your pet during clipping and provide a reward when you're finished.
Who are they kidding?

I can just see a couple sitting in their living room. One asks say hon what would you like to do tonight? Watch a DVD? See what's on TV? Read a book?

Oh no dear none of those I have to manicure that cat's nails.

So I just had to laugh.

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