Monday, August 20, 2007

Odds and ends

Democratic debate
Wow there was another debate. Is there an election soon? Oh no, not for months but yet here's another 90 second answer gab fest. See the story in the Post.

I know the debates are important. But isn't this just way too early to be having them. When I watch the debates (if I tune in I only watch the Democrats) all I can think of is the way the voices of adults are portrayed on Peanuts specials. Right now it is only so much noise.

No movie
For the second weekend in a row I did not make it to the movies. I got out the Sunday Arts section and took a good long look but didn't see anything of interest. It is after all the dog days of August when the studios dump all of their summer dogs so I guess I'll have to wait until fall. Entertainment Weekly had their fall preview issue out and there are a few things that look interesting.

Paying taxes
When I bought my house I got a five year exemption from paying property taxes. That is now about to end. On Saturday in the mail I got my official notice from the District that starting October 1, 2007 I would officially on the books. It is hard to believe that September 16, 2007 will mark my 5th anniversary in my house. It is one of the best investments I've ever made.

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