Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bush and the Right-Wing Talk Show Hosts

This come from a column by David Froomkin in the Post. It is under the heading called Bush and the Right-Wing Talk Show Hosts.

This is from Glenn Beck who was there:

"Although I agreed to not quote him directly, I can tell you this: President Bush is a man who personally feels the pain of every lost soldier. . . .

"He feels the pain of every wounded hero, every lonely, grieving parent this war has caused. He is a man who understands the heavy cost that we are paying. But who believes with every ounce of his being that we are in the fight for our very survival, a fight that's importance can only be judged fairly decades from now, and I believe a fight he is willing to be judged harshly for until that time comes, even if he's long dead.

"I can also tell you that he's -- frustrated is not exactly the right word -- frustrated -- hopeful, yet frustrated. He's frustrated that so many people are so myopic that they have lost sight of the forest through the trees. He's frustrated that so many powerful forces, forces that understand what is truly at stake and who our enemies really are, have lined up against the war on terror because it's politically expedient.

"But above all, I can tell you that the president has incredible passion and resolve. I have not seen this George W. Bush since he had a fire truck behind him and a bull horn in his hand. He was so clear-minded; he was focused. This is not the guy you see on television."

Where to begin on such a statement?

Well let me try.

If this is indeed a war, a war for our very existence, why is it the only people affected by this war are members of the military and their families?

Why is not the entire country on a war footing?

Why aren't members of the the general public asked to sacrifice to fight this war?

Who should be leading this call for sacrifice?

Oh I know the President of the United States. But he doesn't seem to want to do that. After all asking people to sacrifice something might be hard and that's not something this administration is willing to do.

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